Residential Management Approach

If you’re looking for property management services that will maximise rental return and minimise hassle, then you can stop looking.

I believe we have the best property management service in Western Australia. It’s a genuine service that we’ve been working on since 1996.

Location. Location. Management.

Be it a 1×1 apartment or an 8×4 mansion, we have the team and the experience to manage any size property in any location.
We know the rental market and have a very real understanding about how much properties are being rented for. After a quick assessment, we can provide you with a realistic idea of your property’s potential
rental return.

Let’s talk.

A good property manager will keep you informed about everything to do with your investment property. We understand some investors would prefer not to get too involved in every detail, while others want to know
everything. We tailor our communications to match your needs.

We believe in personal service.

We believe in maximising your investment return and minimising the hassle. When you appoint Spraggon George to manage your property, you appoint all of our friendly and efficient team members. You can be
sure your requests will be heard and your questions will get answered straight away. It’s part of our commitment to genuine service.